Zega Limited is a Zambian company which commenced operations in 1992 initially to facilitate the handling of perishable exports by air from Zambia. Specifically, the project was mooted to kick start the anticipated growth of the floricultural and horticultural industry in Zambia.

It was originally set up by members of the Zambia Export Growers Association who, recognising the need for perishable facilities, got together to formulate a proposal which led to the building of such a facility.

With the subsequent increase in business, the company acquired fully-fledged IATA registered status as a forwarding agent in 1995, operating to set IATA standards. This required further investment in facilities, equipment staff and staff training.

The company is required at all times to maintain ongoing training to ensure that staff are qualified in the handling of hazardous goods, live animals, perishable and dry cargo.

Memberships & Certifications

ZEGA has acquired the following certifications to ensure global standards in our services  are maintained, these are:

Zega Limited has been a member of the IATA Ground Handling Council (IGHC) since 1998.

Zega Limited has been a member of The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA) since 2004.

Zega Limited is a member of the Zambia Clearing and Forwarding Agents Association (ZCFAA) and by association:

Zega Limited is a member of The Federation of Clearing and Forwarding Agents of Southern Africa (FCFASA)

Zega Limited is a member of the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Association (FIATA)

“To achieve sustained growth through effectively and efficiently providing world-class customer service to our esteemed partners”






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